How to Feel Like a Tourist When Travel isn’t an Option

Photo by gilber franco on Unsplash

For those of us who live for our next destination, this year has been a bit tough. And while in some places travel is picking up, for many people leaving their city, state, much less country is a far-off dream. Still, there is something special in feeling like you’re on vacation, so how can we achieve that in our own backyards?

Explore an Unfamiliar Neighborhood 

In most cities, neighborhoods are compartmentalized and unique yet it’s common to stick to your neighborhood. We all have our favorite places which we find hard to stray from. So pick a neighborhood you don’t know as well and book an Airbnb for a night and commit to spending some time exploring.

Vacation Activities

When we’re on vacation we tend to do a set of things; sites, museums, parks, and walking tours. There are no rules saying you can’t do these things in your own city.

Ask a Friend אo Play Tour Guide

Ask a friend to take you on a tour of their favorite places. While you might think you know all the special secret spots in your hometown there is something new and exciting about seeing a place through another person’s eyes.