How to Choose the Perfect Watermelon

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

How frustrating is it to bring home a big, heavy watermelon in the hope to have a delicious fruit snack, only to realize you’ve picked a bad one? Next time you go watermelon shopping, use our tips to pick the perfect one so you’ll never be disappointed when you get home again!

Check the Stripes

Paying attention to the stripes can give you an idea about the ripeness of the watermelon. Pick one with a strong, consistent pattern—dark green and light yellow stripes are what you want. The watermelon also shouldn’t be very shiny, but a bit dull.

The Field Spot

Watermelon should have a “field spot” that’s creamy and yellow. This is the place that didn’t go green as the fruit sat on the ground while ripening. Don’t buy those with white or light yellow field spots.

The Shape

The round melons are sweeter than the oval ones. Choose a round watermelon and check the other signs we pointed out to make sure you’ve got a winner.

Knock On It

Disregard the weird looks and knock on a few watermelons to pick the best one. You want to hear a deep, hollow sound that indicates the fruit is perfectly ripe.