How to Choose the Perfect Pair Of Jeans?

Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

Jeans are just the best—you can wear them with a T-shirt, with a buttoned shirt, with sneakers or high heels. Jeans fit almost every look, and are the most comfortable item of clothing in your wardrobe, except for your pajamas.

Here are as few tips to choosing the perfect pair of jeans:

Pay attention to the position of the back pockets in the jeans, and see if they emphasize your buttocks, and don’t distort your natural body shape.

If you choose tight jeans, they should lift the buttocks and emphasize the waist. If it’s boyfriend shape jeans, it should fall below the waist instead.

Pay attention to your height when choosing a cut. For a short person, it is better to go for skinny jeans, for a more flattering look. If you are tall, try flared jeans or a boyfriend cut.

In general, it is better to go for jeans made of thick fabric, but it should still have some flexibility.

And finally, choose jeans with a zipper and not buttons, it is much more comfortable and cozy.