Houseplant ideas for your bathroom

Image via botanybox/Instagram

Houseplants can add the finishing touch to any room, and that includes bathrooms. But it’s essential to choose the right variety of plants that are able to withstand wide temperature and humidity changes, as well as low light. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right houseplant for your bathroom …

Asparagus fern

The delicate asparagus fern is popular in bathrooms because they love humidity. They do best by a window but don’t touch the thorny stems.


Begonia is another plant that enjoys humidity, and their bright flowers add a pop of color to your bathroom. They can tolerate low light.


Known for their beautiful, fragrant white flowers, Gardenias are tricky to grow. They do enjoy humidity and bright, indirect light, but cannot tolerate sudden temperature changes.


Orchids are the perfect bathroom plant. They come from humid climates, so thrive in the humidity of a bathroom. When they bloom, they add magnificent color. Different species require different amounts of light.

Snake plant (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue)

These are really easy to grow, if slow, and their vertical, variegated leaves make for an attractive display. They like bright light but can do well in imperfect conditions.