Home Décor Trends You Have to Try in 2021, According to Pinterest

Pinterest is usually the first place we head to when looking for home décor inspiration, and its list of trend predictions for 2021 is bringing some exciting new design ideas into our lives.

Neon Rooms

If you want to make your room shine in 2021, invite some LED lights and neon signs in, and embrace one of the biggest home décor trends of the year along the way.


Why hide away your glassware or dishware collection, when you can put it on full display? This trend will be all the rage in 2021, as beautifully decorated kitchen shelves steal the spotlight from gallery walls and bookshelves.

Japandi Vibes

Pinterest is also predicting that the Japandi aesthetic will take the design world by storm next year. It’s defined by sleek lines, neutral color schemes, and calming setups, and they’re calling it the “new minimalism”.


It can be difficult to find enough space to set up your personal home office in a small apartment, but one of Pinterest’s top home décor trends is here to solve that problem. Cloffice aka an office within a closet is redefining the way we approach work from home.