Home Décor Inspiration from Elsa Hosk’s Instagram

Elsa Hosk is someone who’d you probably turn for fashion advice, but did you know she also has a great eye for home décor? Her Instagram is filled with amazing photos of her home, and here are a few you could use as a source of inspiration.

Mini Gallery

Decorating your walls with your favorite works of art is always a good idea, and the Swedish model enjoys it so much that she transformed her living room into a mini gallery.


Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is one of those home décor pieces that people either love or hate, and it’s pretty obvious which group Hosk is a part of.


Marble Tables

If there’s one home décor trend you can’t go wrong with, it’s marble furniture, since it perfectly fits into any space.


Fashion Display                

This Victoria’s Secret Angel has a pretty impressive handbag collection, and she enjoys putting it on full display.


Home Garden

Even if you don’t have a terrace, you can still transform your home into a mini garden and give it a natural feel by bringing a bunch of plants inside.