Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Will Inspire You To Give Curtain Bangs a Shot

Curtain bangs are, without a doubt, the biggest hairstyle trend of 2021. If you don’t want to take our word for it, just scroll through the Instagram pages of your favorite celebs, and you’ll notice everyone is rocking this hairstyle right now—including these stars.

Sabrina Carpenter

Carpenter made us fall in love with curtain bangs before they were even cool, and it’s unusual to see her in any other hairstyle these days.

Billie Eilish

We got used to seeing Billie Eilish with her signature neon green roots, but she recently went through a major hair transformation and started rocking blonde locks and curtain bangs.

Dakota Johnson

It’s a true rarity to see the Fifty Shades star without her adorable curtain bangs and they’re definitely her signature hairstyle.


Alexa Chung

Some celebrities didn’t wait for curtain bangs to become cool before they started wearing them. That’s certainly the case with Alexa Chung, who’s been rocking them for years.

Halle Berry

Curtain bangs have recently become a staple of Berry’s beauty looks, and we never see her without them these days.

Ariana Grande

Grande is better known for her love for a high ponytail and side bangs, but even she couldn’t resist giving this trendy hairstyle a shot.