Here’s Why You Should Always Carry Cash While Traveling

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Traveling without any cash may seem like a smart hack because your money will never get lost or stolen, but it actually comes with many downsides. If you have a habit of hitting the road with nothing but your card, here’s why you should change your ways.

Shopping Locally

Even if you don’t bring cash with you, chances are you’ll end up using an ATM. Trying street foods and buying souvenirs from local vendors is an essential part of traveling, and you usually can’t pay for these things with card.

Unexpected Emergency

None of us think we’ll end up having our wallet lost or stolen, but these things can happen. That’s why you should take necessary precautions while traveling and always stash some money in a safe place.

Card Issues

Carrying cash doesn’t mean you should ditch your card – it just means you shouldn’t rely on a single method of payment. In case your card ends up being suspended, you’ll have cash to fall back on until the problem is solved.