Here is How to Make Better Use of Your Fridge Space

Image by AndreyPopov/Depostiphotos

Fridges are one of the peskiest appliances to clean. You think you have done a good cleaning and then out of the blue, something in the bottom right drawer starts to stink out the rest of the fridge and you have to take everything out to clean it.

If you put your food in the right compartments, you can keep better track of the food that has gone off. You can also make the most of the space so that you can fit more in.

Here is a guide to storing your food in your fridge by compartment.

Top Shelf

Keep foods that don’t need cooking on the top shelf. This is a space for pre-cooked ready meals and any leftovers. Keeping all your leftovers on one shelf will prevent you from forgetting about them.

Middle Shelf

The middle shelf is for cheese, butter, milk – any dairy item. Keep your yoghurts and deserts here too.

Lower Shelf

Your lower shelf is where you keep raw meat and fish. Giving these foods their own space prevents cross-contamination and if anything does go bad, you can easily locate the source.

Bottom Drawers

The drawers at the bottom of your fridge are for your vegetables and herbs. You can keep them loose here.

Inner Door

The storage space on the inside of the door is for jams, juices, condiments etc. This is the least cool part of the fridge so don’t keep your meat here.