Have You Tried This Viral Toaster Cleaning Trick?

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your toaster simply because you’re not sure how to do it properly, there’s one method you may want to try. It went viral on TikTok recently.

The video was posted by Jessica Haizman, a TikToker who shares cleaning and organizing tips with her followers. Her idea is simple. In order to clean out the crumbs from the toaster (that can be a potential fire hazard), you need to think outside of the box and use a tool that you already have at home, but never use in the kitchen. 

As it turns out, your blow dryer is all you need for cleaning the toaster! Haizman explains that you should start with a microfiber cloth and use it to remove the bigger crumbs from the sides of the toaster. Next, take a blow dryer and use it to get all the little crumbs that are stuck to go to the bottom of the toaster. It’s easy from there—simply take out the tray that collects crumbs at the bottom and empty it in the trash bin!