Have You Heard of Numberless Scales?

If you’re new to dieting or have recently made lifestyle changes, tracking your weight is the easiest way to hold yourself accountable and to track your progress. But, stepping on the scale is traumatic for many people and it can lead to developing unhealthy habits.


The latest fitness and health addition is Shapa’s numberless scales which use colors instead of a number to track your weight and the best part is you never need to know how much you weigh. Instead, you can focus on how you look and feel rather than trying to get to a number, that means nothing.

Shapa’s scales pair with a smartphone app that helps you lose or maintain your current weight. Upon stepping on the scale, a green, blue, or gray background will appear instead of a number. Green means you’re maintaining your weight, shades of blue mean you’re losing weight, and gray indicates you’re gaining weight.


Knowing your weight range is better than tracking your number because your weight changes throughout the day due to hormonal changes, water retention, and based on the time of the day. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see the number slightly increase and with a numberless scale you can make sure you stay within a healthy range.