How to Get Your Cat to Stop Biting

Photo by Cel Lisboa on Unsplash

Biting is inevitable if you get a cat. A cat won’t know it mustn’t bite until it is taught. Here are some tips for you to try to get your kitty to stop biting:

If you let your cat grab and bite your hands, you’re telling your kitty that your hands are toys that can be chewed.

Get a chew toy for your cat. Most cats love a stuffed toy.

"Cause I turn into a right diva when I'm hungry" – Bonbon #cats #bitingcats

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Praise your cat for not using their claws or teeth. Show emotion with your face and voice if they bite you. Cats understand facial expression and voice tone.

Biting fingers when stressed…. #bitingcats

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If your cat bites you, say what any other cat would say: HISS. This tells your cat you don’t like it and they must stop. But be careful: hissing loses its effectiveness if used too often.

If you’re dealing with a kitten, you can make a high-pitched squeal if they bite you. But that sound will aggravate an adult cat, so reserve the squeal for a kitten.

Consider a timeout when your cat is biting.

Whatever you do, don’t punish a cat physically.They will instinctively fight back.