German Teenager is Crafting Instagram’s Most Whimsical Hairstyles

We all liked braiding hair as kids, but 17-year-old self-thought hair artist Milena Diekmann took it to a whole other level. The German hair artist transformed her childhood hobby into an art form and created some of the most magical hairstyles you’ll ever see.

Diekmann goes by @hairstylist.dream on Instagram, and her page reached almost 50,000 followers on this social media platform. Hair braiding is her way of expressing herself and channeling her creativity, and her hairstyles look like something Daenerys Targaryen would wear on Game of Thrones.

Diekmann discussed her craft with Bored Panda and said she was only six when she became interested in hairstyling. By the time she was 10, doing simple braids was no longer complex enough for her and she started doing more advanced hairstyles.

The teenage hairstylist comes up with most of her ideas during the process of braiding hair. In addition to using braiding as a creative outlet, she finds it extremely relaxing. The process of coming up with different hairstyles allows her to let go of any disturbing thoughts and simply focus on the art of doing hair.