Geometric Tattoo Ideas That Are Too Cute to Resist

Minimalist tattoos with clean lines and geometric shapes have become extremely popular in the last few years because they’re so flattering and strikingly beautiful in its simplicity. Check out these gorgeous geometric tattoo ideas for more inspiration.


This beautiful, clean line work and geometric shapes make owl’s captivating eyes stand out.


Lotus flower is a popular tattoo choice, but you can make it even more appealing and dramatic with a geometric design.


The mandala-inspired tattoo is the first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking about geometric designs. You can experiment and come up with your own unique design, either way, they’re gorgeous.


This minimalist world map with a compass is a perfect tattoo design for world-travelers, so they can never get lost on their adventures.

Blooms and Triangles

Use subtle triangles in the background to add another dimension to your tattoo and make your blooms stand out even more.