Fun Collections Anyone Can Start for Free

Being a collector is all fun and games until you have to invest more than you bargained for​ into this hobby. Luckily, there are some collections anyone can start with ease, without investing huge chunks of money along the way.

Pressed Flowers

You know all those cute notebooks you couldn’t resist buying despite the fact you don’t need them? Use one of them to display pressed flowers and plants that you collected during your walks in nature.

Rocks and Pebbles

Instead of wasting money on travel souvenirs, collect a tiny rock in each place you visit, mark them with a time and place where you’d found them, and use them to remind you of all the amazing memories you made there.

Sugar Packets

Sucrology is extremely popular with passionate collectors, and it won’t cost you a dime to start this hobby since you can get sugar packets and wrappers for free in every café and restaurant you visit.

Front Pages

You can also mark the passage of time by saving the front page of your favorite newspaper on your birthday, and use them to look back on everything that went on your special day many decades later.