French Manicure Trends You Should Try Before the Year is Over

French manicures are one of those nail designs that is never going away—it will just take different forms as time goes by. Some of the biggest nail art trends of the year are putting a twist on the classic French and here are a few you should try ASAP.

Triangle French

The closest thing you get to the classic French manicure, while still being allowed to experiment is the trendy triangle French manicure that will give your nails an illusion of bolder shape.

Gradient French

Painting each nail in different shades of the same color to get an elegant gradient effect is very popular this year. You can embrace the same approach with your French manicure.

Animal Print French

Why keep your tips white when you can decorate them with all sorts of different prints? Animal print is all the rage right now and nail art lovers are using it to make their French manicures more eye-catching.

Gloss + Matte French

If you prefer a more subtle approach to your nail art, try this new trend that combines a matte base with glossy tips. The transition is barely noticeable, but it’s truly chic.