Food Artist Draws Amazing Paintings In Her Smoothie Bowls

Beautifully arranged smoothie bowls quickly became an art form in their own right, but the ones made by Hazel Zakariya are unlike any you’ve seen before. She’s using natural ingredients to create incredible paintings, instead of simply arranging different fruits and barriers.

The New Zealand-based artist discussed her craft with Vogue and explained it all started as a happy accident. Things didn’t turn out as planned when she tried to garnish her soup with coconut cream swirls, so she added some pesto to create a tree… and the rest is history!

The days of painting trees in the soup are long behind her, and her craft evolved a lot over the years. She draws inspiration from all areas of life, and many of her best smoothie bowls pay homage to the beloved movies and fictional characters.

Zakariya’s bowls may look like they feature actual paintings, but they’re completely safe to eat. She uses a range of colorful organic ingredients to create them, including spirulina, blue matcha, turmeric, charcoal, and butterfly pea powder.