Five Fall Dishes For Your Next Potluck

What to bring to a potluck
Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Fall is the perfect time to take part in a potluck. Be it outside in a park, at a friend’s backyard, or inside a cozy home, there’s something fun for everyone in potlucks. But the tricky part is deciding what to bring. But we’re here to help! Here are some recipe ideas that everybody loves and will work every time.

Broccoli Quiche

When it comes to budget-conscious and delicious cooking that feeds plenty, quiches and frittatas check all the boxes. Gather around 8-10 eggs, cheese, and some chosen sauteed vegetables into a dish before baking until crisp. For inspiration, try this crustless broccoli quiche from Jenn Segal.

Feta and Squash Salad

Once autumn hits, it’s easy to stick with warm foods to compensate for the outdoor chill. Instead, try this salad idea that simultaneously hits all autumn notes for flavor while being enjoyed fresh and cool. Roast some squash, lie it on a bed of leafy greens with some feta cheese and nuts, and dress with a vinaigrette. 

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash may be heavily featured in cuisine this time of year, yet nothing comforts more than tasting it as soup. Grab an immersion blender, some spiced water or stock, and butternut squash, and let it soothe all worries. For a flavor boost, add other orange vegetables such as carrot or sweet potato, and creams such as coconut or heavy cream.

Coconut Cream Curry

This recipe packs a spicy punch, yet is the perfect comfort food on a chilly day. Sautee vegetables in a pan before adding curry paste and coconut cream, a mouth-watering match of creamy and spicy flavor. Be sure to add ginger and serve on a bed of brown basmati rice.

Cinnamon Rolls

This dessert may be the perfect crowd pleaser, whether store-bought or homemade, and the excess cinnamon makes it an autumn staple. This recipe using store-bought puff pastry is simple for those wishing their own delicious batch of rolls in a pinch.