Female Celebrity Chefs to Follow on Instagram

Image via kristenlkish/Instagram

Mmmmm… eats.

Food Instagram accounts are some of the most popular ones around, given that many of us find culinary delights to be as attractive on our eyes as they are tasty on our palates. Whereas we used to only find such delights by binge-watching The Food Network or primetime cooking competitions on TV, Instagram has provided us with the platform to binge scroll for hours on end looking at the meals and munchies that constitute our foodie dreams.

While there’s no shortage of Instagram accounts that are solely dedicated to photographing beautiful, tasty food options, there are a few that belong to celebrity chefs who are the OGs of what enthusiasts like to call #foodporn.

Without further ado, here are 5 female celebrity chef Instagram accounts that you should totally follow in order to get your proper #foodporn fix.