Fall Back in Love with Travel by Following These Instagram Pages

Traveling is probably the last thing on your mind these days because it’s uncertain when we’ll be able to embark on new journeys again. That doesn’t mean your passion for traveling should disappear, and these Instagram pages will help you fall back in love with it again.

Lonely Planet

This travel guide has been helping adventurers explore the world for decades, and this Instagram page collects some of the best moments from their incredible journeys.

Beautiful Destinations

This photo hub is a huge hit with passionate travelers on Instagram, and it shares amazing photos from all around the world, in the hope they’ll inspire people to travel, connect and have a positive impact on the world.


Earth Focus

If you’re a huge nature lover, looking for a page that pays homage to the beauty of Mother Earth, this is just a place for you. They’re encouraging travelers to share the most beautiful pictures of natural wonders they stumbled upon around the globe.