Exfoliating Tips That Will Help Your Skin Feel and Look Better

Exfoliating is the process of removing dry skin from your body so the new skin underneath can shine. Although the body naturally exfoliates itself, as you get older it happens less frequently which is why your skin can change as you age. Exfoliation is an important part of a beauty routine as long as it’s done safely and in the correct way. To make sure you’re exfoliating correctly, follow these tips.

When to Exfoliate

It may not seem like there’s a certain time of day that is best to exfoliate your skin, but there actually is! Many experts say that exfoliating in the morning is best because your skin gets rejuvenated overnight, so by exfoliating in the morning, you can show the world your newly grown skin.


Not Just Your Face

Although most people think of exfoliation as something that just needs to be done to the face, it’s actually a good practice to do it all over your body, especially your legs. Even though your face is what is seen more often, to keep your skin healthy and glowing all over, exfoliate your entire body.

Be Gentle

Over-exfoliating or exfoliating with something that is too rough can break the skin and make it red or even infected. When you decide to exfoliate, make sure it’s something that not too intense and do it lightly on your skin.