Evan and Katelyn are DIY Couple Goals

If you’re into DIY-ing, you’ve got to check out Evan and Katelyn’s YouTube channel. The Texan couple met at 18, got married eight years later, and have been posting DIY videos on their YouTube channel for the past three years.

Evan and Katelyn make all sorts of DIY projects with a large dose of nerdiness and creativity. From woodworking to home projects to resin art to 3D printing, Evan and Katelyn are both incredibly talented – and funny to boot. Their loving, jokey dynamic will win you over, and maybe make you wish you had a spouse to DIY with. Seriously, they make it look really fun.

To get a sense of just how diverse their projects are, here are some of their most popular videos.

Evan and Katelyn love to make stuff for their beloved cat, nicknamed the Su-purr-visor. So far, they’ve made her a patio, a giant hamster wheel, and a cactus house, among other things.

This video has all of Evan and Katelyn’s favorite DIY elements: resign, LED lights, and galaxy paint.

A perfect example of their silliness, this mood ring toilet seat is exactly the type of dumb project Evan and Katelyn enjoy making from time to time.

So whether you’re looking for DIY inspiration, want to learn a bit about CNC, woodworking, and welding, or just want to lose yourself in the fantasy of a fun-loving couple joking around and making cool stuff in their garage workshop, Evan and Katelyn won’t disappoint.