Dreamy, Intricate Paper-Cuttings of Pippa Dyrlaga

Paper may seem like the most basic material that we use on a daily basis, usually to write something down. But even the most boring items can be transformed into breathtaking art in the right hands of creative people. Pippa Dyrlaga is a Yorkshire-based paper artist who is using this seemingly boring material to create intricate paper cutting art.

Thanks to the surprising versatility of paper, Dyrlaga is able to create beautiful artwork inspired by nature, animals, and Greek mythology. In her earlier works, the artist used only single sheets of blank paper to make her creations but lately, she started experimenting with her style and painting her artwork in blue, gold, and black shades.

“The simplicity of a blank sheet of paper appeals to me. Paper is used in so many aspects of our lives and used to communicate with each other, and I want to do this through my work. There is nothing as ordinary as a blank sheet of paper, but it has so many possibilities and can be turned into something beautiful or meaningful, without adding anything to it,” the artist wrote on her website.

Dyrlaga’s detailed artwork is truly out of this world, so make sure to check out her creations in the photos below.