Does Picking Up Trash Really Help the Environment?

Picking up trash has been one of the most basic things you can do for the environment forever. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t litter and if you see trash you should try to pick it up. But, is it really worth your time and energy?

The answer is yes for a multitude of reasons, so don’t be afraid of trash because it can really help the earth!

Sewage Drains

A lot of people talk about how it’s important to pick up trash on the beach, which is completely valid because the trash can so easily get swept up by a wave or simply carried into the ocean or sea.

But, even if you don’t live on the coast, your sewage drain probably leads to a body of water that could easily get polluted by trash, so continue picking up trash inland as well!


Animals on sea and land are at risk of getting caught in or consuming trash, especially plastic. Animals can’t tell the difference between trash and food, and it’s really dangerous to have it around them. Make sure that you’re picking up trash so you can avoid them getting in trouble, and if you see birds or other animals trying to eat trash, shoo them away from the danger.