Discover the Magical World of Yuliya Kucherenko’s Jellyfish Embroidery

Jellyfish are surrounded by a strange aura of mystery, and it’s not difficult to see why so many artists are drawn to them. Yuliya Kucherenko made them the central theme of her embroidery hoops, which make it seem like her jellyfish are floating freely through the water, just like their real-life contra parts.

The embroidery artist from Ukraine, who goes by @yuliya.ku on Instagram, draws inspiration from all sorts of aquatic creators, but jellyfish are the shining stars of her opus. She uses all sorts of different techniques, including beading, thread painting, and needle felting, to make them come to life and the final result is truly astonishing.

What we like the most about her embroidery creations is that she always leaves long threads expending past the hoop, making it seem like her jellyfish are swimming in the ocean. The effect is enhanced by her photography technique since she always lays her hoops on layers of blue tulle, reminiscent of deep ocean waters.

Kucherenko enjoys adding starfish, pearls, and other tiny details to the mix to make her creations more life-like. Some of them are available for purchase on her Etsy page, along with online embroidery courses and other resources for beginners.