Design Your Own Gallery Wall and Art Up Your Place

Gallery walls have been a huge trend in the decorating world for a few years now. There is a good reason for their popularity – they’re incredibly beautiful and decorative and can make any room look elegant. To create a gallery wall from your dreams, you only need a hammer, frame hooks and your favorite artwork.

If you have a large wall and no idea what to do with it, a gallery wall might be the perfect solution. But gallery walls are ideal for small apartments, too, as they give a room real interest and depth without taking up space, according to Luci Douglas-Pennant of Etalage, a company specializing in vintage prints and paintings.

“If you don’t have one large wall, gallery walls can be hung around windows, around doors, above bed heads, above and around fireplaces or even around cabinets in a kitchen”, Douglas-Pennant told The New York Times.

Take your time to tell a story and express your personality with your gallery. Don’t use a bunch of random items you can easily buy, but rather spend time looking for perfect pieces to show creativity. It’s always good to choose a theme for your gallery wall and to build it slowly around one central piece. But there are no rules – this is your chance to play with colors and object and create your own work of art that all your guests will admire.