Decorate Your Home With This Gorgeous DIY Pebble Placemat

Bringing a touch of nature into your home is fairly easy, as long as you want to be creative and have a few hours to spare. One of the fun DIY projects you can try is creating these adorable placemats using only pebbles that you can collect from a nearby river or beach.

For this project you’ll only need pebbles, a placemat or other sturdy fabric, and glue. When it comes to pebbles, you can collect small and decorative stones from the river, or you can buy them in a craft store.

There are no strict rules for creating these mats – cut the placemat or other material to preferred size and start gluing your stones. It’s pretty similar to creating a mosaic – you can be creative and maybe even create different patterns. One of the options is to use only black or white pebbles if you want your mats to be as sophisticated as the ones in the photo.

Your imagination is the limit, so take a few hours to enjoy this interesting project and create these super decorative and useful mats.

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An afternoon pick-me-up, done stylishly of course.

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