Dating Through Memes Is a Thing Now

Photo by Yogas Design on Unsplash

For a good several years now, all dating apps have more or less looked and been exactly the same, with the same swiping system that connects you with people—above all—over attraction to their photos. But if you’ve always wanted to find a mate based on something different, like their taste in internet memes for example, then you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a new dating app on the horizon for people like you.

It’s called Schmooze and it uses machine learning and algorithms and all that fun tech stuff to connect people with a similar sense of humor, a quality that many people say is important to them in a partner. It’s a pretty new start-up kind of thing, but it’s already made over 90,000 matches and $270,000 in seed funding.

After a beta test on the Stanford campus, Schmooze is now available to anybody in the United States who wants to download it, so if you’re the type of innovator who likes to try out new things before they explode in popularity and also the type of person who prefers personality-based connections rather than superficial ones, you may want to check it out.