Danling Xiao Makes Incredible Food Art

Danling Xiao, a graphic designer from Sydney, Australia, was playing with her food one day while making dinner. Suddenly, she came up with a genius idea – to turn it into art as a way to raise awareness for causes such as animal protection, ethical farming, and organic eating.

Since launching her project in 2015, she has gained over 38,000 followers on Instagram that look forward to her incredibly creative, quirky and tasty artworks. Xiao set herself a goal to create a food-inspired piece of artwork every single day and has stuck to that so far. She also gives lectures and workshops in her community that promote zero-waste, limiting plastic use and healthy eating.


Just one quick scroll through Mundane_Matter’s Instagram can give you an inside look at how her awesomely creative mind works. She makes broccoli into Christmas trees, chili peppers into birds, banana peels into an octopus and so, so much more. 

But don’t worry — Xiao doesn’t just play with her food and let it go to waste. After each piece of artwork is photographed, it is also eaten afterward!