Curvy Furniture Pieces That You Need in Your Home ASAP

Curved sofa in green, orange and yellow
Image by Annems/Depositphotos

2021 was the year of curvy mirrors, vases, candles, and other tiny décor pieces, but we’ll be going all-in with this trend in the new year. Curvy furniture will be one of the biggest home décor crazes of 2022, and here are some of the best ways to welcome this trend into your home.

Curved Sofas

If you’re looking for the easiest and most stylish way to give curvy furniture your seal of approval, a curved sofa is the most stylish option on the market. They’re currently gracing your favorite home décor stores and the rooms of A-list celebrities, so you can’t go wrong with getting one for yourself.

Curved Kitchen Island

No trendy home is complete without a kitchen island, and if you still don’t have one at home—now’s the time. Options are pretty much endless, but curved kitchen islands are one of the very best if you want to give your kitchen a retro feel.

Curved Bar

Have you been thinking about adding a bar to your living room, but still haven’t found the right model? They’re a great fit for people who enjoy hosting guests on a regular basis, and if you want to make yours as chic as it gets, a curved model is your best bet.