“Cruella” Hair is About to Become Summer’s Biggest Trend

Glenn Close in
Glenn Close in "101 Dalmatians". Photo by Clive Coote/Walt Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock (5882410j)

Are you excited about the latest live-action Disney film Cruella starring Emma Stone? Well, the wait is almost over and to mark its May 28 debut, a new hair trend has taken over—”Cruella” hair. If you love the 101 Dalmations villain, you’re going to want to try this new hairstyle. Because just like the Dinsey character, Cruella hair is bold and daring.

Cruella hair is a combination of platinum blonde and black hair. There are a few different versions floating around on social media, with the most popular one being dying the bottom half of your head platinum blonde and the top half of it black. Selena Gomez is even rocking the new look out, while wearing a low ponytail and having her natural dark hair color show underneath her new blonde hair.

Cruella hair is super versatile and it looks just as good down as it does in a bun or ponytail (as Gomez proves). It’s for those who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement with their hair and it’s perfect for a post-lockdown debut.

Bear in mind that the trend is harsh on hair as it requires bleaching and upkeep to make sure the blonde stays fresh. But if you’re up for it, why not give it a try? Are you ready to bring out your inner Disney villain?