Creative Ways to Display Your Coffee Cup Collection

We all have more coffee cups than we probably should, so why not put them on full display, for the whole world to see? Here’s a couple of creative ideas on how to display your collection of cups and mugs if you don’t want to keep them inside your kitchen cabinet.

Colorful Shelves

If your coffee cup collection is too beautiful to be kept behind closed doors, just put them on one of the shelves in your home. They’ll add some color to your space, and you’ll have a much easier time picking up a cup once you need it.

Hang in There

Why hide your coffee cups away when you can use them to decorate your home? If you hang them up this way, they’ll look like a tiny work of art and add some color to your bare walls.

Vintage Display         

You may also find a fun display for your coffee cups while browsing through your favorite home store. It doesn’t have to have enough room for your entire collection, just a couple of cute cups that you hold close to your heart.