Creative Plant Pots Ideas from Etsy’s Instagram That We Love

Etsy is one of the internet’s best sources of home décor inspiration. Designers and sellers on the retro e-commerce store are usually among the first to put new trends on the map, and the plant pots they’re creating right now are truly top-notch.

Ladder Hanger

This is the perfect idea for people with a small apartment trying to maximize their space. An old ladder can be used to display hanging plants and the final result is truly amazing.

Classic Hanger

If the ladder hanger is too over the top for you, just stick to the old classics. Look for simple plant hangers that fit into any space, and if you want them to be stylish and current, how about making them with macramé rope?

Geode Planters

Geode planters are a huge hit on Etsy, and Tal & Bert is one of the studios putting them on the map. We’re yet to see if this trend will take off or stay exclusive like it is now.

Wooden Planters

Another Etsy seller putting unusual planters on the map is French design studio MinimumDesign. We’re head over heels with their wooden 3D planters and we can’t wait to see more of them in the future.