Creative Ideas for Self Guided Tours in Your Own City

Photo by Samantha Lorette on Unsplash

This year has thought us to rethink the way we approach travel and come up with new ways to explore the world. If your hometown is the only place you can explore this fall, organizing one of these self-guided tours will make you see it in a whole new light.

Street Art Tour

If you want to explore the art scene of your city without paying for museum tickets, do some research and make a map of all the amazing street art that your city has to offer.

Restaurant Tour

There are many ways to explore the gastronomic scene of your city. Focus on a specific kind of restaurant and cafés instead of being too broad. You can check out pancake places for a week or two, move on to vegan spots, proceed by exploring Chinese restaurants, and so on.

Nature Tour

Nature lovers will never run out of things to explore in their city and beyond. Visit parks and botanical gardens, before going on road trips in the surrounding area.

Historical Figure Tour

There’s probably at least one famous historical figure that your city is known for. Explore their life by visiting museums and other places in the city that pay homage to their life and legacy.