Create a Perfect Spa Day at Home

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

A weekly spa day at home should be mandatory for everyone! It’s a day when you’re allowed to completely relax, recharge and take care of yourself. Ideally, you should be home alone so nobody will ask annoying questions about your face mask or candles all around the place. Plan ahead, get everything set and get ready to enjoy.

Relaxing Music and Scents

Create a playlist you’ll play and set up the lighting. Light the candles if you like them, just watch where you put them – you don’t want firefighters crashing on your spa day.

Shower and Exfoliate

Before you dive into a relaxing bath, shower and exfoliate your skin. You can use store-bought products or make your own from natural ingredients.

Draw a Bath

Fill the tub with warm water, pour a glass of your favorite drink and forget about all the worries for 20 minutes. Wash down with lukewarm water, then hydrate your skin with your favorite lotion.


Now is the perfect time to deal with your hands and feet. Hydrate them and apply nail polish.

Face Mask

After you’ve spent 20 minutes in a warm bath, your skin is well prepared for a cleansing mask. Relax over a cup of tea while it’s working, then rinse with lukewarm water. Finish with your usual skincare regime.