Create a Feeling of Zen in Your Home in Three Simple Steps

It’s important to make your home feel like home because you spend a majoirty of your time there. Whether you want to revamp your house or you’ve just moved in somewhere new, follow these three tips to get your space feeling totally zen.


One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to make a home feel more serene is by adding life to it in the form of plants. Even if you’re not an expert gardener, you can get easy plants that don’t require a lot of work like snake plants, peace lilies, succulents, etc. Having these accents of green will put more oxygen into your home and actually help you breathe better!

Neutral Colors

When you’re in a room that doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of color, you feel more relaxed. Stick to a color palette that centers around neutral colors that bring you back to nature like brown, beige, white, or very soft colors like light pink. Use your plants to be the pop of color you want in your rooms!


Candles are an amazing way to transform a room into a zen-den. Especially when the weather gets cold, having lots of forms of light and heat is an excellent way to keep yourself calm and happy at the same time.