Couple Creates Magical Worlds Inside Resin Jewelry

There is a small but magical workshop in Moscow called “Maple Fox” that crafts surreal, miniature worlds inside resin jewelry and other decorative items. The talented duo and the only two workshop employees are Maxim and Diana, a young married couple who teamed up to create these magical worlds in resin.

After years of studying art, practicing jewelry design and sculpting, Maxim decided to dive into the world of handmade jewelry made from wire, wood and then, finally, resin. He himself is engaged in creating these miniatures, pouring resin and polishing the products. Diana, on the other hand, is an artist. She draws sketches, paints the miniatures and uses colors and materials to create the magic inside resin jewelry and decorative items.

If you scroll through their colorful Instagram feed, you’ll see rings and pendants with miniature figurines from The Witcher, Warhammer, Dota and scenes from fantasy worlds with castles and dragons. However, the couple says that people are most interested in marine-themed items that feature ships and lighthouses.

Check out their surreal, miniature worlds in the photos below.