Consider These Factors Before Buying a Refrigerator 

If you have to buy a new refrigerator, there is a lot you need to think about before you make the big investment. Whether you’re moving in somewhere new or if your old one isn’t able to be saved, consider these things before you buy a refrigerator.


A lot of people don’t properly measure their space for a fridge. You have to consider all the dimensions, but also what it will be like when you open all the doors of the fridge. So make sure you bring exact measurements to the store and don’t be afraid to bring your own measuring tape to a store!



There is no such thing as a one size fits all fridge. If you’re someone who doesn’t cook a lot then you might want to go for a simple version because you don’t need a huge amount of fridge space. Or, if you’re someone who loves to fill the fridge with batch cooking, make sure you get a fridge with a freezer big enough to accommodate everything.


The color of your refrigerator is actually pretty important in the grand scheme of your kitchen, since it’s so big. So, if you have a really light kitchen, you might not want to go for a black fridge, and vice versa.