Color Correcting Moisturizer is the Best Foundation Alternative

These days, it’s all about looking natural. You want your makeup to match your skin tone and your eye makeup to appear dewy and fresh. So there’s no need to wear a thick foundation or concealer anymore.

Dr. Jart, a popular Korean skincare line, and Shiseido, a high-end Japanese skincare brand have perfected color correcting tinted moisturizers. These moisturizers contain unique ingredients that allow them to change color and match your skin tone. The tinted nature of them eliminates any redness from your face for a fresh no-makeup look. 

Dr. Jart CICAPAIR™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

This miracle formula is tinted green to hide any redness in your skin. It then blends in, and changes to match your natural skin tone. Anyone who has sensitive skin that is easily irritated will want to apply this product. It has the added benefit of containing SPF 30 to further protect your skin from the sun. 

Shiseido WASO: Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF 30 Sunscreen

Comparable to the Dr. Jart formula, the Shiseido WASO line is designed to combat redness and discoloration in the skin. This white formula tends to be a lighter moisturizer than the Dr. Jart formula and provides medium coverage. It’s particularly good for oily skin and large pores. 

Both of these are great alternatives to foundation and will keep your skin looking well moisturized and fresh.