Cold Girl Makeup is TikTok’s Latest Trend

Winter girl
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Cold girl makeup is the latest beauty trend making its way on TikTok. It’s about creating a faux cold chill in a very stylish way. While it sounds a little crazy as it is already cold outside, this trend is all about looking naturally flushed like you just stepped off the ski slopes, but without all the effort.

The makeup trend is really simple to do, all you need is blush, highlighter, and some lip gloss. Swap your normal tanning blush for a more pink-toned one without any shimmer.

All cool tones can create this look, but the perfect blush is the main star and you have to sweep it across your nose to give the cold nose effect.

Before you start applying the cold girl makeup, make sure you have a great face moisturizer and primer. Add some matt concealer and foundation to create a smooth base and use powder to keep the look more matte.

Now you can do the cold girl thing—sweep blush all over the nose and cheeks, add some frosty highlight on your cheekbones, and a nice shiny gloss. And that is it, for this simple, yet effective look!