Cloud Mirrors Are An Unexpected DIY Home Décor Craze

Image via ana_morais/Instagram

Many people used their time in quarantine to redecorate their homes and this led to the rise of many unexpected home décor trends. Cloud mirrors created with foam are the perfect example, but are they actually here to stay?

These mirrors became a huge hit this summer after pretty much everyone on TikTok tried to make one. It’s not difficult to see the appeal of these mirrors—it’s easy and super-affordable to make them since you only need a mirror and spray foam.

TikTok and Instagram were overflowing with photos of cloudy white and pastel pink foam mirrors this summer, but they were actually around for much longer. The Copenhagen-based designer Anna Thoma has been crafting similar mirrors for quite some time.

Mirrors are the most popular item to work with, but some DIY enthusiasts are transforming other pieces of furniture into cloud-like structures. If you decide to give it a try, start with a small piece of furniture that you’re not extremely attached to, and don’t go overboard because the foam will expand as you go along.