Check Out These Cartoon Inspired Food Creations

Laleh Mohmedi’s designs food art – it’s exactly what it sounds like, her food creations are literally works of art. She’s making healthy food more enjoyable to eat by making incredible structures inspired by our favorite childhood cartoons.

Mohmedi decided to embark on this epic culinary adventure because she struggled to convince her son Jacob to consume healthy foods. Back in 2015, she started transforming his meals into literal pieces of art inspired by animated classics – and she hasn’t stopped since.

Her cartoon-inspired creations eventually helped her son Jacob improve his diet and he was excited about adding new super-foods to his menu. That’s why Mohmedi decided to share her talent with the rest of the world, to inspire other parents to do the same.

“I started posting our creations on my personal Facebook page and had such a positive response that I thought I would create an Instagram account to inspire other parents to get creative in the kitchen,” Mohmedi said to Bored Panda.

This turned out to be a step in the right direction, since she has attracted over 180 thousand followers and caught the eye of several celebrities, including Martha Stewart and Ashton Kutcher.

Check out some more of her food sculptures to see why these stars couldn’t resist their charm!