Check Out the Strangest, Most Interesting Mask Festivals

Countries from all over the world have so many strange, sometimes even terrifying traditions. These mask festivals might give you the creeps, but they all feature very interesting stories.

Paro Tsechu, Peru

The Paro Tsechu festival celebrates the founder of Buddhism. This is a unique event that lasts for five days and it’s all about traditional dances. Buthan is a country of firsts, so if you are planning a trip you will witness so many amazing things.

Venice Mask Festival, Italy

Venice has one of the most fabulous mask festivals in the world. The tradition started way back, during the 13th century and it’s still a huge sensation.

Diablada, Bolivia & Peru

The Devils of Diablada combine very old and strange pagan dances with recent traditions. After they’ve made around through the town, they start with the traditional rituals. The whole festival is meant to celebrate the good and fight evil forces.

Carnaval de Binche, Belgium

Did you know that Belgium hosts one of the most mystic and crazy mask festivals in the world? Literally, everyone is wearing the same mask that is called Gilles. The Gilles walk through the streets and throw oranges to the people watching. This should bring luck to everyone who’s thrown at.