Charming Hidden Towns You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Gásadalur, Faroe Islandsץ Photo by Robert Bahn on Unsplash

There are thousands of beautiful towns and villages around the world that are worth visiting, but these three hidden gems that are still overlooked by tourists should definitely be on your bucket list.  

Shirakawa, Japan

Shirakawa village, located in central Japan, is a World Cultural Heritage Site. This charming place is perfect for tourists who want to see traditional Japanese landscape and architecture, because it’s home to more than 100 unique houses built in gassho-zukuri style.

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

This secluded village on the Faroe Islands is still relatively unknown, but perfect for the adventurous tourist who loves unspoiled nature and hiking. This cozy place surrounded by mountains offers a magical view over the nearby isle of Mykines and, of course, on the spectacular Múlafossur waterfall.

Cudillero, Spain

Spain is home to many idyllic seaside towns, but unlike other locations that have become busy tourist spots, Cudillero has managed to keep its charming small-town spirit. This tiny fishing village is one of the most colorful and vibrant locations on the northern coast of Spain. Here you can enjoy eating delicious seafood in one of the taverns or simply soak up the beauty of this picturesque village.