Charlotte Kidger Makes Unique Furniture Out of Waste

With plastic waste ruining our planet, one straw at a time, designers and innovators are constantly on the lookout to find new ways to avoid waste and repurpose materials. London-based designer Charlotte Kidger found a clever way to repurpose polyurethane foam dust by turning it into multi-colored pieces of furniture, that are both unique and sustainable.

Kidger’s practice is led with a hands-on approach to investigating how industrial waste materials can be reprocessed and transformed into sculptural and functional objects. Adhering to a more experimental, material-led, approach, her work is driven by the urge and curiosity to transform often unwanted and valueless materials into desirable and functional objects.

“I knew early on during my BA that I wanted to work with materials in a very hands-on and experimental way,” she shared with “I was always drawn to working with unconventional materials where I could push the boundaries beyond what was expected from traditional textiles,” she says.

Having graduated from Leeds College of Art (2014) and Central Saint Martins (2018), her training is in Colour and Material Design. “I began my experience within different CMF (color, material and finish) roles,” recalls Kidger, “this helped broaden my knowledge of how vital the role of materials are within the design industry. It was during this time that I realized I wanted to push further and work with materials in a more sustainable approach. From this, I went on to study MA Material Futures where my current project began.”

Her line of products includes textured tables, stools and a number of vessels in a range of cool tones. Scroll down to see more: