Channel Your Inner Harley Quinn With Orly’s Nail Polishes

Harley Quinn returned to the big screens in the new movie Birds of Prey and proved the world she doesn’t need the Joker to shine. Her fashion choices in the movie were as fearless as ever, and if you’re in the mood to bring some Harley Quinn vibes to your nail art routine – Orly’s got you covered.

This Los Angeles-based brand released an entire line of nail polish shades in the honor of the Birds of Prey premiere. The limited-collection kit comes with a total of only three colors, but they do such a great job capturing Harley Quinn’s spirit that we don’t even need more.

Just like the rest of the products that Orly has in store, these nail polishes are vegan and cruelty-free and you can choose between three different shades – bright pink, vibrant yellow and glittery purple.

Each polish in the $28 kit comes with a pretty fantastic name inspired by the movie itself – including Mind Over Mayhem, Emancipate This, and Freaking Fantabulous.