Changes the Fashion World is Seeing From the Pandemic

The coronavirus has changed the way of life throughout the world and the fashion industry is one of the many businesses affected by the pandemic. Brands are vowing to be more sustainable, runway shows are being reimagined, and brands are changing their focus to meet customer’s needs during this time. This is what the fashion industry currently looks likes.

Wear-at-Home Looks

Comfy, cozy clothes have gone up in demand since March with luxury house clothes like cashmere sets increasing in popularity. The overall aesthetic is much more casual with items like activewear, sweatpants, T-shirts, and sneakers.

Investment Pieces

Items that will last throughout the seasons and years are also being purchased more. Fine jewelry, designer handbags, and quality pieces have spiked in sales which shows that people are still trying to dress nicely while being in lockdown.

Bright and Glittery Items

Some of the most popular designer items being purchased are glitter bathing suits and crystal-trimmed pumps. Surprisingly, wedding wear sales have increased during this period.

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Shopping’s About the Experience

Shopping has always been an escape from daily life and it’s just as much about the emotional experience as it is about buying an item. Customers have been more interested in buying sustainably and shopping second-hand.