Celine Dion is Constantly Wowing Us with Her Flawless Style

Celine Dion established herself as the ultimate style icon, and just when we thought we’ve seen it all – she comes back for more! Her fashion game has been stronger than ever in the last few weeks, and we’re bringing you a couple of flawless looks that rocked our world.

Flower Power

Dion is pretty much the only person who would manage to pull off this ‘60s-inspired floral coat and matching socks from the latest Moncler 8 Richard Quinn collection.

New York Minute

The Canadian superstar picked a perfect outfit for a cold day in New York when she hit the streets in her flawless Brandon Maxwell coat and a pair of long Jimmy Choo boots.

Style Hero

This caped ensemble by Michael Kors reminds us why Dion is a true fashion hero, and she really looked ready to conquer the world while wearing this flawless outfit.


Think Pink

We’re not used to seeing Dion in casual, athletic clothes, but this pink and black combo by Prada proves she can pull it off… just like anything else.