Carmen Edelson Will Teach You How to Travel with Style

According to the CDC, Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Air travel, in particular, isn’t recommended as it requires spending time in security lines and airport terminals, which can bring you in close contact with other people and frequently touched surfaces.

But when traveling is permitted – and safe again – we already have a tour-guide in mind. With more than 100k followers on Instagram, Carmen Edelson is considered a luxury travel influencer, encouraging her followers to indulge in the finer things in life. Her online platform also includes a website where she shares reviews and recommendations on exclusive beach hotels, small luxury hotels, weekend spa escapes, cruises, gourmet restaurants.

She also doesn’t restrict herself to international travels, with recent posts dedicated to staycations (“playing tourist in your own city can be so fun,” writes Edelson). Other blog posts also include a Recipe for the Perfect Summer Road Trip and a how-to do Glamping in Montana.

“So you’re thinking about taking a summer road trip,” writes Edelson. “That’s fantastic. There’s a reason our literature and cinema and music all romanticize road trips so fervently: they have long been one of the best ways to truly see and feel the energy of a country or state. Beyond this, many poets throughout time have written at length about the transformative power journeys can have on people and relationships.”

Her posts, written with a touch of wit and compassion, provide you with the insight you need to travelling with style.