Candace Rose Rardon’s Visual Stories Will Inspire You to Hit the Road

Travel writer and sketch artist Candace Rose Rardon is a visual storyteller. Traveling with a sketchbook and a set of watercolors, she documents her adventures in colorful, original ways, inspiring others to explore new ways of traveling.

Describing herself as an unofficial cultural anthropologist, Rardon is deeply inspired by cultures around the world—the traditions that define us, the rhythms that shape our days, and the rituals that bring communities together. Originally from the state of Virginia, Rardon has spent more than a decade traveling and living abroad, in cultures like India, New Zealand, and Uruguay.

“At the beginning, I pursued my passion for world cultures through writing,” she writes on her website, explaining her development as a travel blogger. “I earned my Master’s in Travel Writing with distinction from London’s Kingston University, before writing for a variety of publications,” she adds. Now a regular writer for the popular meditation app Calm, her visual story forms also lead to exciting collaborations with National Geographic and a feature in the New York Times.

Her work celebrates the transformative power of journeys. “Travel can change us, send us off in new directions,” writes Rardon, “and—sometimes when we least expect it—help us feel at home.”

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